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Student Housing

Post-Secondary Students live in furnished efficiency apartments, which are approximately 550 square feet. Currently, there are four apartments, one of which is wheelchair accessible.  Each apartment has an outside entrance, as well as a door that opens into a common area, where the laundry facilities and PSP student computers are located. Each student is expected to follow rules and guidelines given for occupying these residences as instructional staff is not on duty 24 hours a day.


PSP students are not responsible for paying monthly rent.  Electricity, water, and garbage utilities are included in their Post Secondary Program participation. When a student moves into his/her apartment, he/she pays a $50 security deposit, as well as a $10 key deposit. Each month that the student resides in the apartment, he/she will be responsible for a $50 per monthy maintenance deposit, which is fully refundable upon 1) Completion of the Post Secondary Program 2) Payment of any accrued billing from cable or internet service, and 3) Completion of the apartment move-out cleaning list.

With participation in the Post Secondary Program, students are provided a fully furnished apartment, which includes basic utilities such as electricity, water and garbage, as well as free access to laundry facilities and PSP student computers with Internet. Students are only responsible for other utilities they choose to have installed in the apartment, such as a landline telephone, cable, or personal Internet service inside the apartment.

Students sign a lease agreement when they move in, which outlines their rights and responsibilities as a resident/tenant of the PSP apartments.

Other Utilities

If a student is interested in having Cable, phone, or Internet access in his/her apartment, He/she will be responsible for the installation of these services, as well as the monthly payments.  All apartments are equipped with cable and phone jacks.


All apartments are furnished with the following:

  • Twin bed,
  • Dresser,
  • Nightstand,
  • Small sofa, and
  • Folding table and chairs.

All apartments have a full kitchen including:

  • Full-size refrigerator,
  • Stove,
  • Oven,
  • Microwave,
  • Dishwasher, and
  • Dishware.

Laundry Facilities

There are two washing machines and two dryers available for use, free of charge, to all PSP students.  Students will be responsible for purchasing their own laundry supplies, such as detergent, fabric softener, and Bags/baskets.

Student Computers

Two computers are available for use by PSP students.  These computers have Internet access through the TSBVI network.  In addition, students have access to a scanner with OCR software, a printer, Braille embosser, and a CCTV.  All computers are equipped with JAWS.

Note: Some sites, such as My Space, are blocked on the Internet, because of TSBVI and the Region XIII Internet policies.

See below for a list of items students need to bring to their Post-Secondary Apartment