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We were just told that this year's Federal Quota funds for Texas have all already been expended. The American Printing House for the Blind also informed us that Quota fund allotments decreased by 10% for this current year. We will not be able to order new materials from APH until May, when we can begin using funds from the following school year, 2015-2016. As more items have become available from APH, including higher tech items, Texas has been using these funds at a faster and faster rate.

However, we can continue to send out any materials we have in the warehouse. Texas may be unique in the nation in having a statewide system to share and redistribute APH materials and this effectively stretches our funds considerably. So go ahead and submit your materials requests as usual, knowing that we will only be able to fill orders with items we have in the warehouse.

Please return materials you are not using In order to help us have more materials in the warehouse to share. Materials must be in good condition and have all of their parts for us to distribute them to another student. Many of us likely have closets with materials we can return. Please do what you can to help us stock materials and get through this difficult time.

Remember that materials from APH are available for purchase. If your students need equipment or materials we do not have in the warehouse, you may want to ask your district to use special education or other funding.