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The Outreach Programs provide information, training, and supports related to students with visual impairments and deafblindness for families, schools and communities. The programs included in providing these services are:

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All of our events (webinars, TETN Broadcasts, workshops and conferences) require a registration in our new online system.  Follow the links for each separate event or go to and view the Calendar of Sessions.  You will need to create an account the first time you enter the site.  If there is a fee for the registration, you will be asked for a PO or check number during registration.  If you do not have the number at the time of registration, simply enter 0000 in that box.  You can send in payment or bring it with you to the event.

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A series of nationally sponsored family phone calls, free to families, conducted in Spanish are currently being presented. One is for families with children who have hearing and vision problems and one is specifically for families of children with CHARGE.

Llamada de Familia-a-Familia

Llamada de Familia-a-Familia con Niños con el Síndrome de CHARGE