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Permissions and Consents

For students who are age 18 or older who are their own guardians, the student (not the parent) must sign permissions and consents.

If the parent has Guardianship or Power of Attorney for an adult age student, the parent should sign permissions and consents. In this case, the parent should ensure that TSBVI has been provided current Guardianship or Power of Attorney documents.

ARD Participation

As you may know, parental rights transfer to the student when the student becomes age 18, unless the parent has been appointed legal guardian of the student. At that time, the student, rather than the parent, has the right to make educational decisions. Parents (and the adult student) will still be provided with prior written notices from your local district, but parents may not attend an ARD meeting unless invited by the adult student or school.

At TSBVI, we encourage parents to continue to participate and support adult students in decision-making. TSBVI recognizes that parents usually have knowledge or special expertise regarding the student, so TSBVI will recommend to the student’s local school district that the student’s parents be invited to all the student’s ARD meetings. The student, rather than the parent, will make decisions. Adult students should discuss concerns or questions regarding this arrangement with the Assistant Principal.

Student Records

Federal law requires that, as soon as a student becomes 18 or is emancipated by a court, control of the records goes to the student. The parents may continue to have access to the records, however, if the student is a dependent for tax purposes.

Modifying the Visitor List

The adult student may modify the student’s visitor list at any time by notifying the Residential Instructor or Admissions Coordinator. When an adult student modifies the visitor list, the parent will be informed of the modification.