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Frequent Questions

  • May content mastery rooms have extra textbooks?
  • May a student have a second book to take home?
  • May a student have off-grade textbooks?
  • May the special ed teacher have teacher editions and other materials for each textbook that is taught?

Bottom Line. . .

If the ARD committee determines that a student needs. . .

  • more than one textbook
  • off-grade level books
  • a special format of the book

. . . then the district must ensure the student receives those books!!!

The Real Question Is . . .Who Pays?

  • The State
    • TEA Textbook Administration Division
  • Local District Funds
    • General Education Funds
    • State and Federal Special Education Funds

Sources of Information

How Many Textbooks Will the State Provide Students in Special Education?

  • The State will provide one textbook per student per subject area at the student's level of performance regardless of grade level.

May Students Have Off-Level Textbooks?

  • The State provides textbooks for special education students based on the level(s) of the student's needs.
  • Special education students, with IEPs, can be included in the counts of students for each level of textbook that is needed for the student.

For example. . .

A fourth grade special education student working at a fourth grade reading level, but at a second grade math level, may be included in both the fourth and second grade enrollments.

The district should then order a fourth grade reader and a second grade math book for the student.

Pertinent Rule

19 TAC §66.104(l)

Adopted instructional materials shall be supplied to a pupil in special education classes as appropriate to the level of the pupil's ability and without regard to the grade for which the instructional materials is adopted or the grade in which the pupil is enrolled.

What if the ARD Committee Requires Two Copies?

  • TEA will provide the first copy per student per subject area.
  • The district must purchase the second copy at the same or different grade level.
  • The district may use State or local funds, including state special education funds, if the need is in the IEP.

Can Content Mastery Rooms Have Extra Pupil Editions?

  • There are no provisions for the State to provide extra pupil edition textbooks for content mastery rooms.
  • Districts may use the extra 10% above enrollment for this purpose.

How Can Large-type Textbooks Be Provided for Students with Dyslexia?

  • There are no provisions for the State to provide special textbooks to dyslexic students.
  • If needed by the student, the district must purchase directly from the publisher or large-print producer.

Can We Highlight Textbooks for Special Education Students?

  • Yes, if the student's IEP calls for such modification.
  • Highlighted textbooks remain in the district's inventory for the duration of the contract.

Are There Guidelines Related to ARDC Decisions About Textbooks?

  • ARD Committee decisions must follow all rules and regulations regarding IEP development.
  • The consideration of textbook accommodations must NOT be based on cost or administrative convenience.

Teacher Materials

  • Teacher Editions
  • State-Adopted Teacher Materials
  • Free-With-Order Teacher Materials

Teacher Editions for Special Education Teachers

  • Special ed teachers (e.g., content mastery, homebound, VI, co-teachers, etc.) may be included in the counts for subject area teachers, making those teachers eligible for state-adopted teacher materials.

State-Adopted Teacher Materials

  • Listed in the Current Adoption Catalog
  • Verified against numbers of teachers the district reports for each subject
  • Orders reduced by TEA if reported numbers do not match numbers ordered
  • Make sure districts count special ed teachers!

"Free-With-Order" Teacher Materials

  • Materials listed by publisher to be given without cost to the schools that order the publisher's products
  • Part of the bid package adopted by the SBOE
  • Not verified against teacher data, but forwarded with order
  • Reductions are made by publisher/or depository - contact them if incorrect.

Ancillary Teacher Materials

  • In addition to the "free-with-order" materials
  • Not part of the State adoption
  • The same for every district
  • Quotas set by individual publishers.

Pertinent Rule

19 TAC §66.51(a) (3)

A teacher's component submitted to accompany student instructional materials under consideration for adoption shall be part of the publisher's official bid and shall be provided for the duration of the original contract and any contract extensions at no cost to every teacher that uses the adopted student materials in a school district or open-enrollment charter school.

Non-State-Adopted Textbooks

  • The cost of all textbooks and materials not included in the State adoption are the responsibility of the local district.
  • The district is responsible for providing the supports to the teachers to enable them to provide a FAPE!

Which Funds?
Questions or Problems?

  • Call your District Textbook Coordinator
  • Call your ESC Textbook Contact
  • TEA Textbook Administration Division
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