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Subtraction of Whole Numbers

The method for subtraction of whole numbers follows the same approach as outlined above with one obvious difference: The numbers are subtracted rather than added! Once again, no numeric indicators are used in the problem. The minus sign is not used. A blank line is substituted for the usual line of dots 2-5. The carriage is positioned in the proper column. The subtraction is performed and the number is written in the correct position. The backspace key is tapped twice, positioning the carriage in the next column to the left. If "borrowing" is necessary, the student is required to remember that he or she had performed that portion of the operation. As in addition, the writing of "carried" or "borrowed" numbers with the braillewriter is too complex to make the operation useful. Once again, if the student has difficulty remembering these numbers, an abacus can be used to temporarily store them.

#2.  92
ans. = 45

Braille Version of Subtraction of Whole Numbers Example