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Apple Resources

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Braille Display Resources 

Books and eBooks

  • iOS Access for All by Shelly Brisbin. Available as PDF or iBook. 
    • This guide is available directly from Shelly Brisbin, a long-time technology journalist, for $20.00. The guide is quite comprehensive, offers step-by-step instructions, and has screenshots of certain steps, which may benefit teachers. Updated for iOS 11. 
  • iOS 11 Without the Eye: the Definitive Guide to iOS 11 from a Blind Person’s Perspective, by Jonathan Mosen. Published by Mosen Consulting.  
    • This guide is available from Mosen Consulting for $19.95. It offers an update on what is available in the new iOS 11 for VoiceOver users. While not a comprehensive how-to manual, it provides detailed information on iOS features for users who are already familiar with using VoiceOver.
  • iOS in the Classroom by Larry L. Lewis, Jr. Published by AFB Press. 
    • I have yet to review this book, but according to the website: "iOS in the Classroom is a fully illustrated step-by-step guide to teaching the use of the iPad running iOS 9 to students with visual impairments."
  • iPad: Accessibility 2012 by Robert Miller and Miranda Anderson, Oklahoma School for the Blind.
    • Available as PDF. This manual is available free online and, although somewhat dated, is still relevant as far as learning gestures, navigating the web, and organizing apps using VoiceOver. In addition, it has several chapters on using braille displays with the iPad. 

iOS VoiceOver Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcut Commands

VoiceOver VO keys = Control + Alt

(On a windows keyboard the windows key = Command ⌘ key)

General navigation

VO + left or right Select previous or next item
VO + up or down Preforms or move to the selected rotor option
VO + Space Activate the selected item. (open app, press button)
VO + H Go to home screen
Escape Go back, cancel, close pop-up
VO + H H Open/close multitask pane
Command ⌘ + Tab    Switch to next app or hold Shift for previous
Control Pause/resume speech
VO + A Read all from first object in selected area
VO + B Read all from selected item
VO + M Move to status bar
VO + I Open Item Chooser for current area
VO + F Search and go to match with Enter
VO + G Next search match, hold Shift for previous

Handling VoiceOver

VO + S Toggle speech off/on
VO + Shift + S Toggle speech on/off
VO + Command ⌘ + up or down    Adjust the selected speech rotor option
VO + Command ⌘ + left or right Change the speech rotor setting
VO + / Add label to selected item
VO + K Start VoiceOver training, Escape to exit

Quick Nav Commands

Turn on "Quick Nav" to use these commands by pressing left + right arrow

up + down Activate the selected item. (open app, press button)
left or right Selects the previous or next item
up or down Preforms or move to the selected rotor option
up + left or right Change to next or previous rotor setting
Alt + left or right Move to next or previous horizontal screen/page
Alt + up or down Move/scroll up or down the screen/page
Control + up or down    Select the first or last item in the area
Control + left or right Go to next or previous container/area

Safari Web Shortcuts

Hold Shift for previous

VO+Q Turn on Single-key Quick Nav (iOS 9)
H Next heading
1 to 6 Next respective heading level 1–6
L Next link
S Next text element
W Next landmark
R Next text field
X Next list
T Next table
M Next element of same type
I Next image
B Next button
C Next form element

Text Field Commands

You must have "Quick Nav" off to use these commands.
When moving cursor, hold Shift to select/deselect text

left or right Move cursor by character
up or down Move cursor by row
Alt + left or right Move cursor by word
Control or Command ⌘ + left or right    Move cursor by phrase
Command ⌘ + A Select all
Command ⌘ + C Copy selection
Command ⌘ + X Cut selection
Command ⌘ + V Paste
Command ⌘ + Z Undo. Note: you can also shake the device
Eject Show/hide screen keyboard

Attribution for Key Commands