Title: Eyes on the World:
Visual Access in a Range of Environments

2nd section in the series: Optical Device Use

Category: Low Vision

Presenters from TSBVI:

  • Chrissy Cowan, M.Ed., TVI
  • Cynthia Bachofer, Ph.D., TVI, CLVT

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II. Eyes on the World: Visual Access In a Range of Environments (54m 58s)

Introduction to this section (2m 19s)

  1. Chrissy and Cynthia Introduction 1m 3s
  2. Project Introduction 1m 16s

A. Unique Characteristics of Students with Low Vision (9m 6s)

  1. Challenges and Opportunities 3m 32s
  2. Optical device use across environments for TVIs and COMS 3m 34s
  3. Promoting visual curiosity 2m 0s

B. Promoting Visual Curiosity (10m 2s)

  1. A range of environments 2m 24s
  2. Specific visual tasks at the mall 2m 0s
  3. Focusing on packaging and small visual displays in stores 1m 45s
  4. Specific visual tasks at a stock show 3m 0s

C. Examples of Visual Activities and Tasks in Community and Home (6m 12s)

  1. Ideas for activities in the community 0m 51s
  2. Community activities continued 3m 22s
  3. Training in a student's home or in similar environments 2m11s

D. Optical Device Skills Overview and Instruction for Visual Skills with a Telescope (localization, fixation, focusing, spotting, scanning, tracing) (11m 45s)

  1. Reinforcing skills in community settings 1m 2s
  2. Visual skills unaided: Tracing, scanning, tracking 2m 24s
  3. Telescope skills overview and tips 2m 37s
  4. Indoor vs. Outdoor use 1m 19s
  5. Telescope use in the community: Stabilizing, localizing, focusing, spotting, scanning 4m23s

E. Instruction for Visual Skills with a Telescope (tracking) (4m 55s)

  1. Tracking targets across a consistent focal plane 1m 20s
  2. Following a moving target 1m 57s
  3. Bringing the skills together: Locating, focusing, tracking 1m38s

F. Instruction for Visual Skills with a Magnifier (7m 49s)

  1. Magnifier skill review 1m 23s
  2. Fixating, localizing, focal distance, scanning 3m 46s
  3. Teachable moment examples 1m 51s

Conclusion to Eyes on the World section (0m 49s)

  1. Conclusion 0m 49s

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