Video Communication

Video Conference

Another way to reach us is through our new video conferencing equipment. We will use a Tandberg system, but you can connect to us with Polycom, Lifesize, or another, as well. We'll have three small video conference rooms, plus three larger conference rooms wired for video conference. If you don't have access to these expensive devices, a cheaper software solution can do the trick. One example is Clear Sea, a program that can be downloaded for PCs, Macs, and Android mobile devices.

Video Chat

We can also communicate computer-to-computer by voice or by video and voice, also known as video chat or video calling. You can use a computer with a web cam and a microphone (either can be built-in or attached) that is connected to the Internet with high enough bandwidth.

Video Streaming

We are hoping to stream video and audio in the near future to expand our ability to push instructional and educational video into the world. In case the term "video streaming" is confusing--think of You Tube and Ustream.


Many of the above video communication tools have not been thoroughly tested by us for accessibility issues. Please contact us with any concerns or comments in this regard.