Title: Selling Optical Device Use to the Tough Customer

3rd section in the series: Optical Device Use

Category: Low Vision

Presenters from TSBVI:

  • Chrissy Cowan, M.Ed., TVI
  • Cynthia Bachofer, Ph.D., TVI, CLVT

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III. Selling Optical Device Use to the Tough Customer (35m 26s)

Introduction (2m 35s)

  1. Introduction of this section and the presenters 0m 57s
  2. Presentation Overview 1m 38s

A. Introduction; Factors leading to the rejection of device; Student empowerment (7m 32s)

  1. Factor: Student does not understand eye condition. Recommended strategies 2m 13s
  2. Factor: Student excluded from decision process. Recommended strategies 2m 25s
  3. Factor: Age of student not considered. Recommended strategies 2m 54s

B. Continuation of factors that lead to the rejection of device use; Strategies to increase student comfort level (9m 21s)

  1. Factor: Appearance of the Device. Recommended strategies 4m 0s
  2. Factor: Perceived and direct reaction from peers. Recommended strategies 5m 21s

C. Training issues that contribute to rejection of an optical device; Ideas to make optical device training interesting (1m 52s)

  1. Factor: Training issues with students. Recommended strategies 1 m 52s

D. Ways to motivate students to use optical devices (13m 31s)

  1. What are the hooks for student buy-in? 4m 57s
  2. Motivating students: Provide explicit instruction 5m 32s
  3. Student success strategies: Direct instruction for near tasks 3m 04s

Conclusion to Optical Device Use series (0m 01s)

  1. Optical device use series farewell 0m 30s

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