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This image is a screenshot of TSBVI's "Corner" on Project Share.

Project Share is a digital container created by the Texas Education Agency and Epsilen, a private company. On this site there are possibilities for collaboration, sharing, and connecting with other educational professionals. If you are an educator in Texas and you don't have an account in Project Share, contact your local IT department to set one up. On this page we list our growing distance learning options via Project Share.

TSBVI on Project Share


Assistive Technology





Creating a Group within PS is one way to collaborate on a project with others. We currently do not have a group set-up, but welcome ideas for starting one.


Two TSBVI Outreach Assistive Technology specialists, Sharon Nichols and Patrick Van Geem attended SXSW Edu this year. Both returned with the good and the bad about PS. Out-of-the box, Project Share's basic features are accessible. On the other hand, some features such as the Chat function are less so. Teachers and other content developers within PS can create partially inaccessible courses by inserting video players that screen readers used by the blind do not recognize. We hope to develop tips and guidelines for creating accessible content in PS.

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