Title: An Introduction to Adaptive Math Tools for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Author: Susan Osterhaus


    Welcome 00:04:24

1.  APH Graph Board

    An Introduction 00:09:00
    Plotting points on the coordinate plane 00:08:09
    Graphing a straight line 00:05:42
    Graphing an inequality 00:06:05
    Graphing a system of linear equations 00:07:12
    Graphing a system of inequalities using the boundary lines 00:07:12
    Graphing a quadratic (parabola) 00:07:43
    Graphing a circle on the coordinate plane 00:06:23
    Closing thoughts on graphing 00:01:27

2.  APH Braille Print Protractor

    Introduction of a protractor and the APH Braille Print Protractor 00:03:48
    Features 00:08:25
    How to use one in a textbook with binding 00:03:14
    A Teacher's Guide 00:03:52
    Drawing a print 90° angle 00:05:48
    Drawing a print 70° angle and its supplement 00:06:24
    Technique for drawing a very small print angle 00:06:24
    Drawing 90° and 70° tactile angles on the Sewell Raised Line Drawing Board 00:04:30
    Labeling tactile angles made with the Sewell Raised Line Drawing Board 00:02:56
    Technique for drawing a very small tactile angle 00:05:09
    Drawing tactile angles on the APH Draftsman, 90°, 70°, and 110° angles 00:04:22
    Labeling tactile angles drawn on the APH Draftsman 00:06:50
    Measuring the Angles of 2-D Manipulatives 00:07:19
    Measuring Angles from the APH Geometry Tactile Graphics Kit 00:05:17
    Measuring Tactile Angles on Various Types of Paper 00:05:08

3. Orion TI-36X Talking Scientific Calculator 

    Accessories 00:06:24
    Features 00:09:24
    Basic Arithmetic 00:08:23
    Fractions 00:06:21
    Simple Algebraic Computations 00:04:39
    Usefulness and Affordability 00:02:42

4. APH Cranmer Abacus

    Prime Factorization: Prime Factor, 24 00:09:13
    Prime Factorization: Prime Factor, 420 00:07:25
    Prime Factorization: Prime Factor, 630 00:04:44

5. Compasses

with a Clipboard

with a Sewell Raised Line Drawing Board

with the APH Draftsman

with less expensive and alternative drawing boards and tools

6. Math Stencils

7. Nets and Platonic Solids

8. Nemeth Code