Title: An Introduction to the iPad Using Apple's
Native Screen Reader, VoiceOver

Author: Sharon Nichols

1.  iPad Introduction

    Sharon's Introduction 00:00:29
    Physical Features of the iPad 00:01:39
    Settings for the iPad 00:06:14
    Navigation for the iPad 00:08:37

2.  iPad Apps

    Intro to iBooks 00:06:47
    Intro to iBooks, continued 00:08:07
    Dictionary 1 00:04:42
    Dictionary 2 00:06:25
    Dictionary 3 00:03:38
    Dictionary 4 00:04:35

Captioning Credit

All of these iPad videos were captioned in-house at TSBVI using CapScribe Open, a free, Mac-based captioning application developed by a small education-friendly company in Canada.