Title: Instruction in the Use of Optical Devices

1st section in the series: Optical Device Use

Category: Low Vision

Presenters from TSBVI:

  • Chrissy Cowan, M.Ed., TVI
  • Cynthia Bachofer, Ph.D., TVI, CLVT

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I. Instruction in the Use of Optical Devices:
    Part 1 (39m 30s)

Introduction to this series and section (3m 15s)

  1. Introduction of Cynthia Bachofer and Chrissy Cowan 1m 07s
  2. Presentation Introduction 2m 08s

A. Foundational Knowledge for Beginning Optical Device Instruction (9m 0s)

  1. Rationale and Benefits of Using Low Vision Devices 3m 26s
  2. Preschool, Elementary, High School Optical Device Use 3m 7s
  3. Concepts for Effective Training for Device Use 2m 27s

B. Magnifier Types and Skills: fixation, localization, scanning (12m 21s)

  1. Overview of Skills 0m 35s
  2. Magnifiers 5m 0s
  3. Skills (6m 47s)
    1. Fixation 0m 11s
    2. Localization 0m 15s
    3. Focal Distance 2m 19s
    4. Scanning 2m 13s
    5. Scanning Examples 1m 49s

C. Magnifier Types and Skills: spot reading, stamina, tracking, microscope glasses (6m 34s)

  1. Spot Reading and Stamina 2m 2s
  2. Microscope glasses 3m 23s
  3. Tracking 1m 9s

    Instruction in the Use of Optical Devices:
     Part 2 (36m 45s)

D. Pros and Cons of Different Types of Telescopes (10m 31s)

  1. Telescopes 2m 25s
  2. Distance Activities with Telescopes 2m 27s
  3. Selecting the right telescope for different tasks 2m 1s
  4. Telescope challenges for the user 1m 26s
  5. Factors contributing to proficiency 2m 14s

E. Telescope Skills: awareness of dominant eye, localization, fixation, scanning (9m 13s)

  1. Awareness of dominant eye, localizing, positioning and stabilizing, spotting 2m 25s
  2. Focusing the telescope 3m 42s
  3. Tracking 2m 3s
  4. Scanning 0m 38s

F. Telescope Skills: copying information in class, tracking, integrating skills (17m 1s)

  1. Scanning and copying 1m 54s
  2. Booklet example: used with a student for building the skill and copying 8m 6s
  3. Tracking 3m 52s
  4. Integrating skills for greater student independence 3m 9s

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