Course Website Structure

All topics on this site are similar in format and layout. It is divided into four sections: the header, content layout area, sub menu bar, and footer.

The header contains the title and subtitle of the course. The main title is labeled as: Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Outreach Programs. The subtitle is labeled as: Assistive Technology Evaluation: Computer Acces

The content layout will start with some information about each area of consideration and is identified as a heading (level 1). Other content is chunked into sections, each identified as a heading (level 2). Individuals using screen readers are able to skim over a lesson using a heading command.

Content sections on each page throughout the course are as followed: input information section, questions section, a narrative describing a video, a link to the video, and navigation links to the previous and next lesson pages. All videos are close-captioned with some audio description. The videos open in a separate window and automatically start playing.

The sub menu bar is located on the right side of the content layout area. It is divided into two sections: Areas of Consideration and Resources. The Areas of Consideration section contains links to all lessons in the website. The Resources section contains links for further research and study.

The fourth section contains the footer information. This section contains links to the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired website, XHML W3C validator, CSS W3C validator, and a reference to dcarter, the original designer of this web template.

About the Course