Short Writing Task

Once ergonomic adjustment and screen magnification have been determined, keyboarding skills are evaluated. The student is observed accessing the keys, searching for the letters and typing speed. Word samples are utilized during the observation.

There are a few items to consider when evaluating a short writing activity:

  • Have students write words they already know.
  • Keep it to one or two words at first.

Observational Questions

When observing an individual using a keyboard, look for answers to the following questions. Review the questions first before observing the individual.

  1. How is the computer station setup?
  2. How is the student able to do the task?
  3. Describe the student's posture at the computer station.

Video Description

After reviewing the questions, read over the video description below.

The student is positioned in front of the computer screen. The computer screen is a CRT tube monitor positioned on the computer CPU just below eye level and is behind the keyboard setup. The keyboard is positioned on a reading slant board at a 45-degree angle. She used her left pointing finger to hunt for letters to type. Viewing distance was about 2-3 feet. It took 27 seconds to type the four letters of her first name. She was asked if this was quicker than she usually types (her name). She said yes.

Observing the Video

After observing the video, answer the five questions in the "Observation Questions" section.

Writing Sample Video

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