Mouse Adaptation

If the student has some challenging motor concerns, a mouse may not be the best solution when interfacing with a software application. Using a mouse requires complex motor control (i.e., movement, clicking, drag and drop, left/right button operation, and holding a button down). There are many different alternative mouse devices such as: programmable keyboards, switches, joystick, etc.

Observational Questions

When observing an individual using a click activation device, look for answers to the following questions. Review the questions first before observing the individual.

  1. What adaptations have been made?
  2. Does it seem that placement of the device is correct, if not why?
  3. If needed, what other adaptations could she use?

Video Description

After reviewing the questions, read over the video description below.

The student is still positioned in front of the same computer setup with the switch on her left lap. She watches the game go through the pictures. She lets it go one round then presses the switch on the correct picture. There are no verbal or gesture prompting by teachers.

Switch Access Video Link

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