Computer Interaction

Learning and using computers involves more than just word processing. If writing is challenging for a student, it does not mean that computer interface interaction is not appropriate. Computers offer many different options for students. Students can learn other compensatory computer skills such as, reading (accessing information), recreational/leisure and vocational skills.

Observation Questions

When observing an individual at a computer, look for answers to the following questions.Review the questions first before observing the individual.

  1. How has the computer station changed?
  2. What is the task the student needs to do?
  3. What are some skills the student use to perform the task?
  4. What indicators tell you the student understands the task?

Video Description

After reviewing the questions, read over the video description below.

The student is still situated in front of the same computer setup but now has a mouse. She is holding the mouse in her left hand. She listens and watches the run through and chooses the correct picture by pressing the left mouse button using her left thumb.

Observing the Video

After observing the video, answer questions in the "Observation Questions" section.

Computer Interaction Video Link

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