Review and Improvements

Sometimes computers are not the correct solution for accessing electronic information. It really is not about accessing a computer. It is about using a computer to access information. Now there are other ways to access electronic information for recreation as well as for learning. Evaluating a student for assistive technology has to involve "thinking outside of the box."

Observational Questions

When observing an individual using assistive technology, look for answers to the following questions. Review the questions first before observing the individual.

  1. What was added to the original device?
  2. Did the addition improve the student's overall performance with the assistive technology?
  3. What other improvements are possible?

Video Description

After reviewing the questions, read over the video description below.

Student has the original device with a keyboard placed just left of the device. She pressed two keys to open an application on the device. The application was activated.

Observing the Video

After observing the video, answer the five questions in the "Observation Questions" section.

Improvements Video Link

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