Follow-up Observations

Sometimes computer access solutions change over time. The reasons for changes include many factors. Some of these factors are:

  • Student Incentive: Was it too difficult for the student? Was it too easy for the student?
  • Independence: How independent was the student performing the tasks?
  • Staff/Parental Involvement: Did primary caregivers continue making improvements to solution?
  • Alternative Solution: Is there something else that might to be a better solution?

Observational Questions

When observing an individual interacting with a device, look for answers to the following questions. Review the questions first before observing the individual.

  1. What new device is evaluated?
  2. Does it appear as a successful solution for the student?
  3. Why should further problem solving with this device continue?

Video Description

After reviewing the questions, read over the video description below.

The student was given a different device. It was a touch screen tablet. She was trying to open an application by tapping on the touch screen

Observing the Video

After observing the video, answer the five questions in the "Observation Questions" section.

Follow-up Video Link

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