About the Course

Course Objective

The first objective of this self-pace online course is to raise the awareness that an assistive technology evaluation is a process of observations, interviews, and problem solving activities to find a solution that is appropriate for a student with visual impairments, multiple impairments, or deafblindness.

The second objective of this self-pace online course is to demonstrate activities that were developed to observe a student performing several tasks. How well the student performs the tasks can determine whether this assistive technology solution is appropriate.

Areas of Consideration Topics

These are the areas to consider when evaluating how student with a visual impairment accesses a computer.

  1. Ergonomic Adjustment
  2. Font Size and Screen Viewing Distance
  3. Sample Writing Activity
  4. Longer Writing Task
  5. Computer Interaction Activity
  6. Mouse Alternatives
  7. Follow Up Findings
  8. Improvements on the Findings

Keep in mind that besides a visual impairment, other impairments can influence a computer access evaluation, for instance, motor planning, cognition, hearing, and readiness skills*.

* Key boarding skills, behavioral issues, reading skills, listening comprehension, spelling, etc.

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