for Children with Deafblindness, or Visual and Multiple Impairments

Video Examples: Turn-taking Play Strategies

  1. Video Link: Hand Games
  2. In this video, the teacher and the student both make minute movements with their hands. The movements that they make are different.

  3. Video Link: Object Games
  4. In this video, the student signals the teacher to take her turn by slightly moving the whistle at the beginning of the interaction, then signals her by putting her hand on the whistle. The teacher remains in contact with the student so that she is there to take her turn.

  5. Video Link: Auditory Games
  6. In this video, the teacher re-engages the student in the hygiene routine by imitating her vocalizations.

  7. Video Link: Share activities
  8. In this video, the teacher brushes her teeth while the student watches with his hands. She then brushes his teeth with the Nuk brush.

Video Tutorial Companion

  1. Video Link: Building Security: Part 4 of 7 from the web training series.
  2. TSBVI Outreach Consultant TVI Sara Kitchen delivers part four of this seven part web training series on Interaction and Bonding.