for Children with Deafblindness, or Visual and Multiple Impairments

Video Examples: Imitative Play Strategies

  1. Video Link: Student guides the teacher
  2. In this video example, the teacher is giving the student pressure on his head and rubbing his neck, following his lead. The student guides the teacher's hands to his head, which is his topic.

  3. Video Link: Mirroring actions with light contact
  4. In this video example, the student sways back and forth and the teacher sways back and forth while trying to engage him in a lotion activity. They have occasional light contact.

  5. Video Link: Imitating something new that the student introduces
  6. In this video, the student acts upon an object and the teacher imitates what he is doing. At one point, she surprises him by imitating the new thing that he had just done, which was using two objects together.

  7. Video Link: Auditory imitation while rocking with student
  8. In this video, the teacher makes a noise in response to the student making a noise, while rocking her, which is something she likes.

Video Tutorial Companion

  1. Video Link: Imitation: Part 3 of 7 from the web training series.
  2. TSBVI Outreach Consultant TVI Sara Kitchen delivers part three of this seven part web training series on Interaction and Bonding.