for Children with Deafblindness, or Visual and Multiple Impairments

Video Examples

Interaction & Bonding

Hand Under Hand

  1. Cooking Routine

Building Security

  1. Offer Objects
  2. Make Your Hands Available
  3. Inhibiting
  4. Excitatory
  5. Greeting ritual

Imitative Play Strategies

  1. Student guides the teacher
  2. Mirroring actions with light contact
  3. Imitating something new that the student introduces
  4. Auditory imitation while rocking with student

Turn Taking Play Strategies

  1. Hand Games
  2. Object Games
  3. Auditory Games
  4. Share activities

Be a Good Playmate

  1. Cookie conversation
  2. Box conversation

Use Interaction to Teach

  1. Handling objects and performing actions
  2. Auditory discrimination
  3. Building associations


Communication Based Routines

  1. Making Hot Dog Biscuits Routine
  2. Jarvis Goes to the Drum Store
  3. Ray Bakes Cookies

Skills based Routines

  1. Ray talks Cookies
  2. Matt Teaches Nick a Grooming Routine
  3. Chris Teaches Ray a Grooming Routine


Introduction to the Calendar

  1. Cookie Conversation

A Bit About Communication

  1. Daily Calendar: Matt Draws with Sarah
  2. Book Conversation

Three Kinds of Calendar

  1. Time Piece Calendar
  2. Sequencing Calendar
  3. Choice Calendar

Using the Calendar to Expand Concepts

  1. Using the Calendar to Expand Concepts Example
  2. Jarvis Goes to the Drum Store

Calendars as Social Context

  1. Jarvis Goes to the Drum Store

Experience Books

  1. Experience Books - Photo Examples