for Children with Deafblindness, or Visual and Multiple Impairments

Videos: Sequencing Calendar

This video shows my class making dog biscuits. The students, Tania and Nate, are both deafblind. We shopped for our ingredients the day before we baked, and the students were going to take the biscuits home to give to their own dogs on the following weekend.

Video Link: Tania Makes Dog Biscuits

You will see Tania using two different calendars in this video – One is a portable grocery list, made up of tactile symbols, of the items she has already purchased. The other calendar is a sequence box that breaks up the steps (or recipe) of the activity “cooking dog biscuits” into their proper sequence.

Techniques to note in this video:

  • Hand under hand communication strategies
  • Pairing vocalizations with sign and symbols
  • Group activity and student interaction

Skills infused into this activity include:

  • Counting and labeling
  • Receptive and expressive communication

As you can see each slot in the activity box breaks the activity of making dog biscuits into smaller “chunks” or segments. By doing this, we are making the larger task more manageable. It is now easier to add greater detail, which allows for more in-depth conversations, and we have our beginning/middle/end sequence of steps to follow. In essence, we are giving more detail in condensed doses, within the structure of the routine, and while we are actually doing the routine.