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About Us

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired creates blogs, online courses, website tutorials, and video tutorials on a variety of instructional topics. Some of the videos are posted on our You Tube channel, but all of our videos and other distance learning materials are organized by subject for your benefit.

This site is intended to serve the needs of teachers, instructors, other professionals, paraprofessionals, family and community members, and even students to watch, read, or to interact at their own pace and schedule.

We believe in life-long learning, that education is power, that knowledge creates opportunity, and that technology should be a means to change and success. Great strides in technology have made distance learning a viable and, coupled with other factors in modern life, a necessary tool.

This website is a product of TSBVI Outreach Programs.

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Address, Phone, Websites

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Outreach Programs | Technical Assistance
1100 W. 45th St.
Austin, Texas 78756

Main Telephone: 512-454-8631
Main Website: www.tsbvi.edu
Distance Learning website: distance.tsbvi.edu

Distance Learning
Website and Media Credits

Executive Administration

William Daugherty, TSBVI Superintendent
Cyral Miller, Director of TSBVI Outreach Programs

Website Designer/Developer

Mike Bicknell [Distance Learning and Communication]

Accessibility Advisor for TSBVI Distance Learning

Jim Allan

Accessibility Advisor and Web Designer

Patrick Van Geem, TVI

In-house Video Production, Editing, Compression
[credits vary by project, some projects are created by other contributors]

Kendra Dorty, Amy Lancaster, Mike Bicknell, Aaron Cooke

Media Library administrators

Back end: Jim Allan
Front end: Mike Bicknell

Social Media Manager: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube

Mike Bicknell

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