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This CVI web exercise includes three sections:

  1. Introductory materials about what CVI is, examples of visual behaviors to look for, an introduction to Christine Roman-Lantzy's CVI Range.
  2. Real-life intervention ideas for students at each phase of resolution.
  3. Three case studies which include a walk-through of the assessment process for each student.

Each section contains documents as well as videos.  You may want to have access to a copy of documents for each of the different sections while you watch or listen to the recorded materials that accompany them.  Documents can be downloaded and printed, except for the document "Encouraging Efficient Use of Vision in Students with CVI", which is linked to Diane Sheline's webpage:  Diane updates this dynamic document frequently and the latest version is always on her webpage.

Introduction and Case Study materials were put together and presented by Lynne McAlister, Transition Coordinator and District Collaborator, TSBVI, and Sara Kitchen, Education Consultant in Visual Impairment, TSBVI Outreach.

Intervention materials were put together and presented by Diane Sheline, Independent Consultant out of the Houston, Texas area, CTVI, CLVT,

This is an exciting area and we are learning new information about the brain continually. Any observations or additions from our partners in the education of students with visual impairment are greatly appreciated: if you're viewing this page, you're a partner!  Please post these in the comments section at the bottom of each page. 

Additional web training materials on CVI: (updated 12/13)

  • Go to Perkins Webinars ( and look for:
    • Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (parts 1 and 2), presented by Barry Kran, O.D., F.A.A.O., Luisa Mayer, Ph.D., M.Ed., and Darick Wright, M.A., CLVT, COMS.
    • Using an iPad for Vision Stimulation presented by Laura Campaña, Director of Infant & Early Childhood Program at Junior Blind of America.
    • Building Strategies Around CVI Phases presented by Ellen C. Mazel, Cortical Visual Impairment Advisor for CASE Collaborative
    • Strategies for Improving Literacy Skills in Students with CVI presented by Diane Sheline, Certified Low Vision Therapist.