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Parental rights transfer to a student when the student becomes age 18, unless the parent or someone else has been appointed legal guardian of the student.

Guardianship of an adult student
If an adult student has a legal guardian, that person has the responsibility for making decisions on behalf of the student. The guardian must send TSBVI current guardianship documents regularly, since these documents are time-limited and must be updated. Unless TSBVI has a current and valid court order granting guardianship, TSBVI will assume that no guardianship exists.

Power of Attorney by an adult student
TSBVI requires that each adult student without a guardian provide a signed and notarized Power of Attorney. In this document, the student designates someone, such as a parent, who will have authority to act on the student’s behalf while the student attends TSBVI. The designated person will have the right to make decisions for the student if the student wishes or if the student is not able to do so. TSBVI may need to contact or get assistance from the person, for example, if the student requires emergency medical care or if the student is unable to give consent for medical treatment or make other decisions. The student should ensure that that the designated person is able and willing to take on this responsibility.

The adult student can use the following form for this purpose.

Power of Attorney Form Regular Print
Power of Attorney Form Large Print
Power of Attorney Form Spanish
Power of Attorney Form for Braille (right-click link and select Save Link As to save file to desktop)