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July 13-15


All handouts will be provided on a flashdrive at the symposium, but you may download and print any that you wish to have with you in a paper format at the symposium.


(Program, action plan and evaluation provided at symposium)

Interpreters for Individuals who are Deaf-Blind

Support Service Providers

This is a very large document.  You will not need to download it for the symposium, but it is available if you would like to have a copy.  You will receive this handout on a flashdrive at the symposium.

Breakout Session 1: Local Advocacy

Breakout Session 2: State Advocacy

  • State Advocacy

Breakout Session 3: National Advocacy

Breakout Session 4: Adult Services Advocacy



Below are all of the handouts needed for the symposium. If you have any trouble acquiring these materials, then please contact Brian Sobeck at (512) 206-9225 or at .