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Blind students with white canes waiting to cross Congress Avenue, a busy six lane road.

Developmentally Appropriate Orientation and Mobility

Session 1: Foundations of Developmentally Appropriate Orientation and Mobility

  • Introduction, Objectives and Major Points (Session Notes)
  • Instructor Resources
  • Instructional Sequence
  • PowerPoint (1.14 mb)
  • Handouts
    • Handout A: Orientation and mobility vignettes, Session 1.
    • Handout B: Mission and roles of professionals from different disciplines.
    • Handout C: Techniques that facilitate role release within transdisciplinary model.
    • Handout D: The role of the OMS with infants and toddlers.
    • Handout E: A guide for teachers and therapists working with my child.
    • Handout F: Strategies that facilitate independent movement in daily routines.
    • Handout G: Ways to facilitate ease of movement.
    • Handout H: Hand searching in infants and toddlers: Suggestions for parents and caregivers.
    • Handout I: Hand trailing for toddlers.
    • Handout J: Upper body protection for toddlers.
    • Handout K: Guide techniques for toddlers.
    • Handout L: Potential advantages and disadvantages of adaptive mobility devices versus long canes.
    • Handout M: Determining when a mobility device is appropriate.
    • Handout N: Adaptive mobility devices and canes for toddlers: Suggestions for O&M specialists.
    • Handout O: Historical timeline of events and publications related to O&M for children ages 0-5 years with visual impairments.
  • Study Questions & Answers
    • Study Questions: Clarke, Sainato, & Ward, 1994
    • Study Questions: Fazzi, 1995
    • Study Questions: Hill et al., 1984
    • Study Questions: Joffee, 1988
    • Study Questions: Leong, 1996
    • Study Questions: Lieberman, 1991
    • Study Questions: Perla & Ducret, 1999
    • Study Questions: Skellenger & Hill, 1997
  • Activities
    • Activity A: Interviewing an Orientation and Mobility Specialist - Instructor Guidelines
    • Activity A: Interviewing an Orientation and Mobility Specialist
  • Quiz & Answers
  • Video Clips, Summaries, and Transcripts
    • Defining Mobility
    • Facilitating Developmentally Appropriate Orientation and Mobility
    • The Role of the OMS
    • Facilitating Trust
    • Facilitating Unrestricted Movement
    • Independence and the Use of Mobility Devices
  • References